Writing a love song? Here’s how mindfulness can help

Aeron Davies
4 min readOct 16, 2020

Where to find more inspiration to make an anthem? In your heart!

So you love someone/something. Spill the beans!

Who’s it about?

Your girlfriend, family, your ex….. Your lover!?

Okay I’m not implying your life is a soap opera, although you wouldn’t exactly be short of ideas if that were the case.

Love songs may seem easy on face value, but that’s the point, the best ones are deeper than that. You can easily tell the difference between a love song motivated by fame and one of pure passion and emotion.

So now that we’ve established that your song needs to have real, deep passion as its core motivation, you should consider how you can gain a deeper understanding of the feelings you wish to express in the song.

After all, most artists are in love with something or someone, so how the hell are you going to stand out?

Yeah sure, keeping a diary or keeping all of your thoughts bottled up until your recording kind of works, I guess. But how about analysing them, as if your love for this person/thing were a detailed painting.

What’s a healthy way of doing this? Mindfulness!

What is mindfulness?

The act of mindfulnesscan only be described as decluttering the mind by allowing your thoughts to just pass by without you giving them any of your time.

Practices like meditation, forces your awareness towards your body, mind, emotions and inner perspective rather than external distractions.

As a result of this, one gains a deeper understanding of the self, their feelings and thoughts.

Knowing the exact source of your ideas surely allows room for more creativity that you can implement into your music.

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What does it do in relation to music?

Once someone is in a state of complete peace and tranquil, which usually takes up to 30 minutes of meditation, you develop a natural sense of love towards everyone and everything.

This may only last a few minutes, however with enough practice, many can feel this deep passion for the world completely on demand.

The ability to do this allows one to analyse the feeling of love deeply and therefore, write better songs about it.

Let’s say you wanted to be the best neurosurgeon in the world.

You wouldn’t stand a chance if you didn’t understand every nook and cranny of the human brain.

It’s the same with love songs.

With an estimated 100 million love songs recorded, for you to even be in with a chance of standing out, you need the best understanding of love as possible.

It sounds bizarre that there’s eternal love for you to feel at any given time, but why do you think people meditate so much?

How can it help with expressing emotions?

As I mentioned before, during meditation you don’t practice being the victim of your emotions, but rather an observer. Watching them unfold and watching them fade away, as if you were watching a movie.

Many mindfulness gurus have mentioned that, with enough practice, one can gain such a great understanding of their emotions that they know every little detail about how it makes them feel.

With that being said, this makes it easier to express them in music.

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How long does it take to gain a better understanding of love?

For me, personally, I’ve meditated daily for around 2–3 months, and I feel a much deeper connection to others without even knowing them personally.

It’s a weird feeling, but feeling this way on demand has given me a much better understanding of what love really is and how it’s more than just ‘a feeling’ it’s something that is beyond concept.

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So yeah, if you haven’t already, start meditating on the things/people you love. You’ll realise that you have much more of it bottled up than you think.

If you’re writing a love song toward your other half, you may think that you have such a great understanding for what love truly is, but to experience it for eternity you must meditate.