Aeron Davies
1 min readOct 2, 2020


I’m sorry, This headline is disgusting.

Guaranteeing that taking a mind altering substance will no doubt make you a better person is an absolute lie.

Can it open your mind to new perspectives? Yes

Can it be fun as hell? Yes

Can it be traumatising? Yes

I find this new culture of praising psychedelics and how they can save our lives just a little naive. The same changes can be made by a few months of daily meditation. Without the risk of trauma, forgetting what you learned, the comedown, and complete opposite affects of mindfulness that happens the coming days after your trip.

Articles like this need to be stopped as it blatantly glorifies a substance that has been known to cause ever lasting mental health issues to 12 year old blog readers , without even batting an eyelid to how it’s ruined so many people’s lives.