How would your music sound if you were of a higher consciousness?

What would an EDM track sound like if Buddha made it?

Aeron Davies
4 min readOct 15, 2020

Jesus and Gautama Buddha were both said to be enlightened individuals, meaning that they were among the first to enter the realm of higher consciousness.

Through practicing love and mindfulness, they’d discovered a new perception of the world, one free of suffering, addiction and greed, and filled with love and compassion.

For those of you who don’t believe in this whole higher consciousness stuff, then go meditate or something.

The thought of Buddha or Jesus making beats is not only quite amusing, but intriguing nonetheless. With their awareness so incomprehensive and their minds so clear of clutter and emotion, one can’t help but wonder what they could do using creativity in the present day.

Of course, music can be a form of mindfulness. The intense focus on a song is enough to block out thoughts and emotions, which can easily bring your awareness to the present moment.

So what if you, as a musician, were to attain this level of consciousness that we’ve named ‘enlightenment’?

What does enlightenment feel like?

One who has attained enlightenment is completely in the now, meaning in the present moment. An Arhat(enlightened person) doesn’t cling to anything in this world and is always happy and content with life as it is.

After much experience gathered through practicing mindfulness, one gains a full understanding of the Universe, the mind, the body and begins exploring the consciousness when enlightenment is attained.

As I said, there are no words to help comprehend the awareness of an enlightened person, but many have used the term ‘blowing out’, meaning blowing a flame from a candle as the fire has freedom from its attachments.

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Would you enjoy music if you were enlightened?

Of course.

In the first two stages of enlightenment, Stream enterer and once returner, a person can enjoy sensual pleasures, meaning that they can still find joy in music.

The Arhat would be able to simultaneously enjoy the perception of music as well as recognize it as a constituent collaboration of sonic vibrations that is constructed into the experience of music and melody within one’s own mind. Outside of the mind, there is no music. There are only waves of causality.

Knowing this fact allows an Arhat to easily enjoy music with no unhealthy attachment to it. In short, they can enjoy music, but it shouldn’t be seen as a way to escape reality.

How would music be interpreted?

A pretty difficult question, but judging from many testimonies from awakened individuals and their day to day experiences, I can try to guess.

Through my personal experience of meditation, music is interpreted deeper. Deeper in the sense that there is no thought nor judgement — just dissolution in the experience, it is pure, and brings you an overwhelming sense of peace.

Picture a tree. You may think of just an ordinary tree you see while walking your dog. While an Arhat will see an ancient living being capable of keeping a whole planet of species alive.

In the same way, when you listen to music you might only be scratching the surface of how it’s meant to be interpreted. A Buddha may experience the whole picture of what the music really is like.

You’d hear it for what it is, and maybe develop positive symptoms of synesthetes. If you weren’t focused enough already, you’d seem to block everything else out and find presence in any song with ease.

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How would it change your music?

Whether you’re making trapbeats, DnB bangers or beautiful classical music, it would be delicate. You would most likely find some hidden beauties in your music that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise, allowing for more creativity, commitment and comfort.

Think of every time you go into the studio it’s like a psychedelic experience, except without the hallucinations. This extreme sense of passion and love for the music will inevitably result in it sounding of great quality, with layers and melodies that are tailor made for your listeners’ ears.

With your deep understanding of your mind comes the knowledge of where your creativity comes from. Knowing the source of your great ideas can only result in eternal creativity.

You’d also know when to stop making music, making your discography as perfect as can be.

How to become enlightened?

If you’re not a monk…

Meditate as much as possible. Be present and learn to focus on your breath daily.

I can testify that practicing mindfulness meditation and showing love and compassion towards others has given me an incredibly different perspective of not only music, but the world around me.

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Thank you for reading!!