How to use auto-tune innovatively

The human voice is the most powerful instrument known to man


A brief history of autotune

It all started in 1996 with Dr. Andy Hildebrand, a research engineer employed in the oil industry.

Tips to use AutoTune artistically

1. Use it as an instrument

The most successful mumble rap tracks don’t exactly read like poetry. And that’s okay because the voices of artists like Playboi Carti or even Travis Scott aren’t supposed to wow us with clever & whitty lines. Instead, they’re meant to enhance our listening experience with sounds, not words.

2. Use it wisely

Occasionally using it in vocals that genuinely sound better with it. Don’t overload the listener with autotune in every direction. Use it only for choruses, or just little snippets every now and again.

3. Find your balance

Experiment with how much autotune is the right amount for your voice and musical style. You sometimes hear way too much autotune than is needed, like on the song Day By Day by Wauve.

The wrong ways to use autotune

Okay there technically isn’t a ‘wrong way’ to use autotune, it’s more an uncreative way.

1. Don’t use it to make you a better singer

If you’re a singer, but you want to have that perfect voice that can only be attained through minor autotune adjustments, then please don’t bother.

2. Don’t use it as a last resort

Please, do not disrespect the art of making your voice a robot. The consequence? Listen to anything by D Block Europe.

3. Don’t overdo it

This is a biggy. I mentioned before about trying your best not to sound like you’re singing underwater. But you should also try not to use it on every track.


Use your voice as an instrument. Listen to Runaway by Kanye, the last 3 minutes are completely composed of Ye singing with heavy autotune, almost electric guitar- like.



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