How to sequence your album perfectly

Think recording your album is hard? Well you’ve got another thing coming.

What is album sequencing?

Your sequencing is essentially the organising process of your album. Asking questions like:

  • Which tracks should I start and end with?
  • What emotions do I want to convey throughout the album?
  • When and how do I want to convey those emotions?


In my personal opinion, your intro needs to hook the listener. We have such a short attention span in this day and age that you really need to tell the listener that you have the potential to make a banger before they stop listening.



I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘leave the best till last’. You’ve heard of it for a reason


Don’t you love an album that flows so neatly together that it feels like a huge track in itself? I know I do.

Picking your tracks

If you are releasing what you would like to be a coherent album, piece a track list together carefully at first, using your best judgement. Listen to it through once or twice and get some input/advice from either a friend or producer.

The length

Make it as short as you possibly can, without making it an EP. Generally, you want it to include the best of the best with regards to your work.



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