How new music can ease your depression

Get out of your Spotify comfort zone!

Aeron Davies
2 min readJul 24, 2021


To the many many followers that I have (20) I would like to announce my return to the blogging universe. After my 6 month hiatus, I have finally decided to return to what I would humbly call my passion.

Where have I been? Well, that’s none of your business. I would rather answer what I have learned, more specifically about my music listening habits.

Listening habits in a depression

I don't think I’m alone in saying that music helps a lot with depression. It can lift us and act as a distraction to whatever lingers in the dark corners of our minds. But I have found that I tend to listen to the same recurring songs over, and over, and over, sometimes spanning over a period of weeks, maybe months.

It’s clearly an issue that arises when one is afraid of leaving their Spotify comfort zone. In other words, afraid of change.

But listening to a new genre or even a new artist can bring you new perspectives and experiences that help grow you as an individual. In the same way that conquering your fear of heights, or travelling to a faraway land does.

Me? I feel proud when I’ve listened to an artist that doesn’t match my persona, whether I like the music or not. This sense of reward gears me up for even more obscure artists and before I know it, I feel like the next Anthony Fantano.

Where to start

What’s that one album/artist/genre that has always intrigued you?

listen to it!

All the way through!

You don't have to analyse it, and you certainly don't have to enjoy it, but just listen with an open mind. Let the music completely distract you from reality for a 40–60 minute period.

I know, it’s sometimes easier said than done.

But I personally make time for one groundbreaking listen a day, for the sake of my health.


Get into the habit of broadening your horizons. I’ve found that this practice induces comfort in keeping an open mind when coming across new artists. Also, we become more eager to give featured artists a go by listening to their discography, rather than simply ignoring them.

Thank you for reading.