How lowering screen time can make you a better musician

Put your phone down, it’s time to get serious

Why spend less time on social media?

Help guide has put this simply, and perfectly:

How less screen time affects your career?

Logically speaking, you will achieve higher states of happiness than someone spending all day and all night staring at their phone. And guess what happens when you’re happy?

1. Spend more time practicing

This isn’t strictly for musicians, anyone with a goal in mind please spend more time working your craft. Give yourself time to improve and watch your hobby turn into a talent right before your eyes.

2. Make your 2 hours count

Let’s get into your actual time on social media then. What should you do with that time?

3. Be more zen

As I mentioned before, a social media addiction can be soul sucking, dissatisfying and fatal to your mental health. So why not replace it with its polar opposite — meditating.

  1. Practice focusing on your breath for 10–20 minutes each day. With time, you’ll develop an intense sense of peace when you’re attentively breathing.
  2. When walking, count your breath with your steps.
  3. Practice daily yoga or Tai Chi
  4. If ever you feel stressed, anxious or depressed, always come back to your breath. I like to think of it as a reset button for your brain.
  5. See enough of nature

4. Have fun

Have you ever come back from the summer holidays hearing all the other kids talk about the cool things they did, while you were stuck in the bedroom playing games or trying to get more followers?

5. TALK!

You can spend 30 minutes messaging several people on Snapchat, or you could spend the same amount of time having a real life conversation with one person. Which one is more rewarding? Which one is best for your mental wellbeing?

How to spend less time on your phone

I’ll just let you in on a few tips to make a cellular-free life much more accessible:

  1. Set time limits
  2. Practice meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and mindful walking (This tends to enhance the beauty of the real world, making your phone seem like more of a hindrance.)
  3. Practice leaving your phone far away from you.
  4. Turn off all unnecessary notifications
  5. Delete unnecessary apps
  6. Analyse how you use your phone (Check how often you use it, at what times, on which apps?)


So yeah, I’m pretty terror stricken after watching that genius documentary. But am still glad that it’s an issue we’re now all aware of.



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